Craig Ganssle is the Founder and CEO of Basecamp Networks, an innovative technology firm specializing in wireless network solutions, future business consulting practices, and cloud-based application management. With over 20 years in the technology industry, Craig has extensive experience developing and deploying wireless networks and designing predictive learning solutions for complex problem solving.

Craig started Basecamp Networks in 2007 providing global wireless network infrastructures as well as creative solutions for difficult and time-consuming IT issues. As a partner with Google since 2008, Craig was one of the original Glass Explorers, Google’s original beta test group. In early 2013, Craig advanced to an elite small team for this innovative technology. Since then, under his leadership and Basecamp’s agricultural focus, Craig’s vision for Glass led his team to develop intelliSCOUT®, the world's first wearable application offering farmers a truly hands-free solution, enabling agricultural problem-solving by collecting actionable insights from the field in a fraction of the time. intelliSCOUT® technology has been demonstrated, in conjunction with the Basecamp Networks’ offering, to dignitaries throughout the world, including France, where Craig was personally requested to present this technology to President Francois Hollande. In October 2016 Craig and Basecamp won the Atlanta Telecom Partnership (ATP) Technology Service Provider of The Year Award (in addition to his achievements in agricultural technological advancements).

Prior to founding Basecamp Networks, Craig was recruited by Verizon Wireless in 2001 where he oversaw U.S. Southeast Operations in the network engineering division and was later tasked with deploying LTE in the Southeast United States. Craig’s advanced innovative solutions are currently in use across Verizon’s entire company footprint today.  During this time Craig also studied a bachelor's degree from Muhlenberg College in Business Administration, and a Computer Science degree from AIU.

In addition to his contributions in the public sector, Craig served honorably in the United States Marine Corps as an intelligence communications operator with the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC). He was later assigned as a detached “special operator” under the Department of the Navy, to Naval Special Warfare Unit Teams as a “joint operator” before being honorably discharged in 2001 for medical reasons. During his six years of service, Craig was decorated with various commendations and medals for his service and valor.

Craig is very active in mission work with his church that includes providing internet services in rural and remote locations globally. Basecamp Networks is headquartered in Alpharetta, GA where Craig resides with his wife and children.




Bryan helps lead all financial and partnerships decisions for Basecamp Networks and intelliSCOUT®. He manages the books as well as all legal contracts and disclosures for all of our products and services. He works closely with Craig on global strategy, tax matters and SLAs. Bryan previously held roles at large global professional service and consulting firms assisting clients and their counsel with financial and compliance matters, regulatory inquiries and internal investigations.



Chief Solutions Officer

Christian is responsible for the intelliSCOUT® platform and associated applications. He has over 35 years of experience in the construction of high performance, distributed, trusted, and mission critical computing systems, including the design of the first TCSEC B3-level timesharing system, the second generation of B1, B3, and CMW compliant relational database systems and pioneering use of highly asynchronous architectures and machine learning technology in the financial, intelligence, and pharmaceutical sectors.  



Chief Business development officer

Chris' experience in consulting, non-profits, law, and startups gives him an appreciation for the skills needed to accelerate the growth of any organization.

Prior to joining Basecamp Networks, Chris was a senior consultant with Capgemini USA, based out of their Atlanta office. During his time with Capgemini, Chris served his client in several capacities, including business analysis, functional analysis, user experience design, rapid prototyping, mobile design, project management, and program management. He founded the Design Center of Excellence, an internal startup designed to be a rapid response team to support the sales efforts of senior executives. Within the first six months, his team had grown from mostly campus hires to a cadre of experienced storytellers, designers, and copyeditors and played a major role in winning over $2M in client work.

Chris enjoys contributing to causes which unite people towards a greater goal. He serves on the board of The Orange Duffel Bag Initiative, an innovative 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of at-risk youth, including those in and aging out of the foster care system. On the weekend, you might find him hiking, rucking with his TeamRWB friends, or at a Team Rubicon training.



Chief operations officer

As COO, Brandon oversees all aspects of planning, installation, and management of all WiFi networks. He mobilizes our network engineering team as they deploy customized infrastructures and ensure constant connectivity for our global and domestic networks.

As a member of Basecamp Networks’ executive team, Brandon works closely with Craig, Bryan, and Chris to strengthen client relationships as well as their network infrastructure. His broad experience in construction management enables him to provide insight and counsel on the practical aspects and feasibility of engaging in projects across industries ranging from agriculture, residential and commercial real estate, healthcare, and retail.



Chief MARKETING officer

As the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Kevin is our brand ambassador that oversees all aspects of marketing activities and initiatives throughout the entire organization. This includes digital media, company websites, vertical marketing channels, media relations, customer outreach, public relations, social media and internal corporate communications. He works closely with Craig and Chris to enable growth and boost sales by developing the comprehensive strategies that encourage brand recognition and assist the organization with having a competitive edge in the market.